Monday, January 23, 2012

Style Experiment.

Study of a photo by Irving Penn(not sure who the subject is). I wanted to try some different things stylistically with this one...I'm a big fan of Sergio Toppi's work, and I've always wanted to try some of the distortion techniques he uses in his work. I simplified the shapes in this but still tried to keep an element of realism. The color scheme is analogous with a complimentary. Hope you like!


  1. that's what I like about this blog, it gives you an opportunity to experiment like this, without being tied to your regular work.
    Oh, and thanks for making me look up who Sergio Toppi is, I found a great reference for a Samurai project I'm working on haha

    1. Thanks! I like to try some different stuff from time to time, and this is the best place to experiment and push myself in directions I probably wouldn't go otherwise. Glad you like Toppi! He's really an interesting artist.

  2. Really well done and very inspiring! Now I wanna experiment with some new stuff myself, so...thanks!!