Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Six!

Here's my post for today...These were fun...You're really getting a glimpse into the stuff that I've been wanting to draw and will eventually be drawing in my own comics. Its interesting because many of the things that fascinate me are things I NEVER get to draw in my regular comic work. Thankfully I've got this blog to get out my pent up ideas and tackle some of the subjects that interest me. I've been accumulating tons of reference over the last few years that I've been planning to use for future projects, and all these sketches have been utilizing those reference materials. Hope you guys like, and thanks for viewing and commenting!


  1. Micah,

    The details on the lower left figure are outstanding. And your color palate just keeps getting better.

  2. Thanks Seth! I feel like the colors are getting better too...I think its helping me to do a little each day, even if its just rushing through it I'm learning bit by bit!