Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Fifteen!

Hey all, starting to get my sleep schedule back on track...I actually woke up in the morning today! Yay! So, I've got a lot of work to do today, layouts for comic work and finishing up colors on the FCBD Promo Poster art, but I decided to start off with my Daily Sketch. I used a photo that my fiance took of an old man in a "nursing home" here in Brazil. I used quotations because its not a real nursing home like you would see in the states, rather a woman decided to take care of some old people and house them on her own dime and donations. My lady and some members of her church went there to spend time with these people, to cheer them up and all, and she took some really amazing photos. This guy just looked so sad and lonely...His face was amazing...So yeah, this is just a semi-quick sketch but you'll definitely see some more finished drawings of him in the future. Hope you like!


  1. What I love about this is the emotional connection you have created. The viewer is drawn to care about this stranger and his struggle. This is a side to your work rarely seen and it is powerful.

  2. I'm completely indebted to the subject! His story was written in the lines of his face. I actually don't feel that I fully captured all the emotion possible, so hopefully in some future studies I'll be able to do so with a bit more success. I really think that the photo was so good that I'll be doing it a disservice if I don't spend a bit more time in the future capturing the intricacies of the figure and facial expression. Glad you like it though!