Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Twenty-Two!

Today's a quickie...Gotta go to sleep...This is a study of a photo by the fantastic Richard Avedon, of a coal-miner in Utah named Lyal Burr...What an awesome name right? And he's got a face to go with it...Inhaling coal all day will make a man out of you! Anyway, not totally happy with my version of him...I think I should have accentuated his nose more...Ah well, the purpose of these studies is to learn so hopefully I learned something for future reference. Hope you like, thanks for your comments and just for looking! :)


  1. Very cool! I haven't seen the original photo to compare, but your version is really interesting. His face certainly tells a story... and his chin looks like Grampa's! :)

  2. Yeah, he kind of reminded me of Grampa a bit too! I really like the sketch and you really captured the feeling in his stare really well. Plus i love the background texture you used! It works really well with the style of the sketch and the guy's story :)

  3. Hey, I just wanted to comment on your drawing of my Grandpa. I realize your post is a couple years old but wanted to comment anyway. He is a great man I have not met very many men who hold a candle to him. I hope all is going well with your career.

    1. Wow, Lyle Burr is your Grandfather? That's awesome...He looks like a real salt of the earth man's man, and that's why I drew him! He has a really interesting face. Thanks of the kind words and I'm glad you liked the drawing! My career is going well...I'm working on the Ninja Turtles show as a storyboard artist.

  4. He is a great man! I am impressed with your work! My father is the one on the right side of the photo by Avedon. I'm sure my Grandpa has no idea about the interest in this piece. I have found quite a bit online and found it interesting. Thanks for taking the time to respond. If you're are ever in Utah, plan a stop in Burrville and you could see the place he has lived his whole life and possibly meet him yourself!