Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Seventeen!

This one took me WAY longer than it should have...And I'm still not very satisfied with it. Ah well. It's from a photo of Truman Capote by awesome fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon. Speaking of which I found a TON of awesome photos by him and another photographer that I'd never heard of but am now a big fan of...You'll be seeing quite a few studies of their photos on here in the coming weeks. Anyway, hope you like, and thanks to everyone for checking out my work! :)


  1. Very interesting :) I checked out some of Avedon's stuff and he has done some really cool stuff. I didn't realize he had done the iconic Simon & Garfunkel pic. Check out these two awesome old guys portraits incase you didn't already see them.

  2. Thanks Tess! As you can see by my newest post I checked out your links...I'm actually REALLY glad you sent those to me because I didn't see them before. That guy Samuel Beckett has the coolest old guy face ever!

  3. I know right!?!? I'm glad you like them. I know you are a sucker for those old wrinkly dudes with lots of character :D