Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Thirty-two!

Ugh. That is the sound I made when my computer died while I was minutes away from finishing the colors on today's sketch...I drew another waterfall(I like them), and I had been working for maybe 45 minutes on the colors...Took me a while to get something I thought looked okay, and went through a bit of frustration before I arrived at what I thought was ready to be flattened and turned into a JPG for posting here...Now, this is totally my fault because I ignored the warning my laptop had given me maybe 10 minutes prior that my battery was low...So yeah, when it turned off I lost all the color process because I didn't save it...Again, I am not so bright today! All those little mistakes were probably the result of me trying to rush and get it done because I'm dead tired...So, rather than recolor the waterfall or post the pencils(they're really rough), I decided I'd post some studies I did while waiting in the airport on my way to Brazil. I think it was JFK in New York but it might have been BWI. Anyway, hope you enjoy...I'm going to sleep!!

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